Coaching Openings

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Re: Coaching Openings

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Miami Trace is open, I believe.

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Re: Coaching Openings

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I here belpre is open again

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Re: Coaching Openings

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Any word at Trace?

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Re: Coaching Openings

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Phillips was fired at Valley it
Is open

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Re: Coaching Openings

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Well.. he was not renewed and they have already hired a new coach. It was not posted to the public! I don’t understand schools not putting openings out to the public.

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Re: Coaching Openings

Post by JJMD24 »

Valley hired Whitney Cunningham.

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Re: Coaching Openings

Post by TrueFan »

Miami Trace recommends Ryan Day to take over the program as Head Coach. IMO this is a lazy hire for MT, especially considering the other applicants. MT needed a homerun hire to restore the program and I don't believe this was it. Time will tell, but at this time, I don't like this hire. Hope Coach Day proves me wrong and I wish him the best, but just not a fan of this decision.

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Re: Coaching Openings

Post by Jumper45 »

Snotnose wrote: Tue Feb 27, 2024 2:32 pm The conclusion of the basketball year has happened for many teams. What schools will be searching for a new coach leading them into the 24’-25’ season?
How long will Ironton put up with their girls basketball coach. Theres tallent in the school. They wont play for him

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