FAC Meet 2019

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FAC Meet 2019

Post by noreply66 » Fri May 17, 2019 6:08 am

Event winners Boys and Girls


099' 05"…..Libby Aleshire…..Miami Trace [1]
144' 10"…..Draven Stodgel…..Hillsboro [1]

High Jump

4' 09".....Cierra Lively.....Hillsboro [1]
5' 10".....J'Quan Harris.....Chillicothe [1]

Long Jump

15' 10.00".....Macy Creamer.....Miami Trace [2]
19' 05.75".....Kobe Perwell…..McClain [1]

Pole Vault

08' 06".....Megan Downing.....Washington [1]
12' 06".....Wyatt Cory.....Miami Trace [1]

Shot Put

32' 10.25".....Shana Conger.....Washington [2]
52' 10.25".....Draven Stodgel.....Hillsboro 2]

100 meters

13.31.....Macy Creamer.....Miami Trace [3]
11.53.....Kaeden Fukton.....Jackson [1]

100/110 Hurdles

16.31.....Zoe Rios.....McClain [1]
15.33.....Trent Lanning.....Washington [1]

200 Meters

27.05.....Riley Wrightsel.....Chillicothe [1]
23.21.....Patrick Fout.....McClain [2]

300 Hurdles

47.46.....Macy Creamer.....Miami Trace [4]
41.07.....Jaden Haldeman.....Miami Trace [2]

400 Meters

1:01.06.....Olivia Kennedy.....Jackson [1]
0:51.64.....Ty Alexander.....Hillsboro [3]

800 Meters

2:26.24.....Danielle Fleurima.....Chillicothe [2]
2:06.04.....McKellan Lee.....Chillicothe [2]

1600 Meters

5:30.14.....Laikin Tarlton.....Chillicothe [3]
4:40.53.....Andrew McCallum.....Chillicothe [3]

3200 Meters

12:19.84.....Laikin Tarlton…..Chillicothe [4]
10:51.49.....Andrew McCallum.....Chillicothe [4]


52.32.....Miami Trace...…Lilly Litteral, Iaabella Vamover, Tori Morrison, Alyssa Butler [5]
44.76.....McClain.....Kobe Penwell, Patrick Fout, Trevor Newkirk, Matt Bliss [3]


1:50.36.....Hillsboro.....Molly McCreary, Sydney Callahan, Eden Edenfield, Jaeleigh Hart [2]
1:33.75.....Hillsboro.....Kai Rickman, Keith Doughman, Anthony Richards, Ty Alexander [4]


4:18.16.....Jackson.....Emma Stroth, Emily Mapes, Madison Strawser, Olivia Kennedy [2]
3:30.90.....Chillicothe.....Joshua Howard, Courtland Duncan, Xzavier Doss, Joey Wright [5]


10:41.01.....Chillicothe.....Avery Robinson, Danielle Fleurima, Laikin Tarlton, Liv Janes [5]
08:27.12.....Chillicothe.....McKellan Lee, Andrew McCallum, Jacob Littler, Oscar Mikus [6]

Looks like the girls from Chillicothe will return a strong team in 2020.Scored 124.50 points and it looks like they only lost around 19 points to graduation, Senior this year that score a ton of points during the year are Riley Wrightsel and Ella Cuzzolini. Don't think Ella took part in the conference meet and Riley scored all of the senior points [19]. Riley had one first place finish plus scored in three other events. Chillicothe could return 105.50 points.

For the boys from Chillicothe, they should return a strong team too. Only will be graduating four boys who scored in the conference meet. Jquan Harris, Joey Wright, Joshua Howard and D.J. Barrows. These four totaled 47 points in the conference meet. Jquan had one first and scored in three other events for 21.50 points. Joey score in four events for 9 points. Joahua had 11.5 in three events with D. J, placing 4th in the pole Vault for 5 points. The boys from Chillicothe could have 111 points returning next season from their 2019 season of 158.

The girls from Hillsboro won the conference meet and it looks like they will graduate 3 girls that scored in the conference meet. Molly McCreary score 10.75 points, Kailey Dietricks 10 points and Kelsey Burns 12. 30.75 points in 8 events for the 3. Out of the 125 they score they could return 94.25 of that number. Neither one had a winning event but Kailey had a second place finish.

Hillsboro boys finish in third place with 125 points. Will be graduating six boys who scored in the conference meet. Ty Alexander scored 12.50 points in three events with one first place finish. Quinn Conlon scored 9.25 in four events. Chayse Watson had 2 points in one event. Nathan Spencer had seven in two events. Bailey Lucarello score 4 in two events and Deon Burns was their top scorer with thirteen point in two events. The six accounted for 47.75 points in thirteen events. That could allow 77.25 point return next spring.

The girls from Jackson finished 6th in the conference meet with 80 points and have two girls graduating who score 15.5 of those points. Emma Stroth scored 10 points in four events and Kierstya Hammer scored 5.5 points in two events. Jackson has some young talent and it will bring back 64.50 points for 2020. Neither girl won an event but Emma had a third place finish.

Jackson's boys finished 5th in the FAC meet scoring 73 points. They will be having three boys graduate that scored 24 points. Keelan Kilgour scored 7.5 points in three events. Wyatt Hemsley brought in 4.5 points in two events and Blake Mercer scored 12 points in two events. Blake had the best finish with a 2nd place. 2020 could see 49 points returning.

The 2019 McClain girls finished 5th in the FAC meet with 83 points. Two girls that will graduate scored 2.25 points and the 2020 freshman should make that up. Kelli Whrig score 1.50 points in two events and Haley Peterson scored .75 points in one event. With what is coming up McClain should do well next year. McClain could enter the spring of 2020 with 80 plus points returning.

McClain came in 4th in the boys FAC meet with 93.50 points. Four boys scored 27.75 points will be graduating. That will have McClain returning 65.75 points for 2020. Trevor Newkirk scored 4.5 points in 2 events. Kobe Penwell had 12.50 in 2 events. Reese Schluep scored 10 in three events and Kyler Trefz .75 in one event. Kobe had one first place finish.

Miami Trace's girls finished in 3rd place in the conference meet with 122 points. Three girls will be leaving this year to graduation that score 49 points between them. Macy Creamer scored 38 points in four events that saw her take three events and finish second in the 4th. Tori Morrison had 8 points from three events and Meri Carson had 3 points in one event. 2020 should see 73 points of the 122 coming back.

The boys from Miami Trace came in second place in the FAC meet with 133.50 points. Four boys that score 62.50 points will graduate. Jake Atwood scored in four events for 12.50 points. Wyatt Cory scored 32 points in four events. Josh Liff in three events scored 4.75 points and Jotham lewis had 13 points in four events. Wyatt had one first place along with 2 second place finishes. Jotham had a second place finish. Graduation will take about 50% of their 2019 total allowing 71 coming back in 2020.

The girls from Washington came in 4th place in the conference meet with 112.50 points. Three girls that won't be back in 2020 scored 22.75 of those. Tabby Wood scored 4.75 points in three events, Raven Haithcock had 8 in one event and Megan Downing had 10 in one event. Raven had a 2nd place finish with Megan getting a 1st. Washington should have 89.75 returning in the spring of 2020.

Washington boys finished 6th in the FAC meet with 67 points. 28.75 of those were scored by four boys. Jamie McCane had 2.5 in two events, Trent Langley had 17.25 in four events, Caden Smith 1.25 in one event and Kameron Morris 7.75 in three events. Trent had a first place finish. Washington will have a little more than half of this years point returning in 2020.

will be adding more to this later

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