Lynchburg Clay vs. Huntington

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Lynchburg Clay vs. Huntington

Post by stacey7722 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 6:56 pm

I really didn't know what to expect in this game. Not the outcome I thought it would be. Two takeaways from the game.

1.) Who ever is in charge of Huntington's pregame and during game music needs a huge raise. It was awesome, right down to the evil empire Star Wars theme song being played as the visitors where being introduced. May have to talk to LC athletic director and steal that, only play it for the home team though, loved it. Really nice job by everybody at Huntington.

2.) The freshman kid from Huntington #14 is a monster! Incredibly athletic, long with natural skill set. This kid will be a star. They should run everything through her. 14 should touch the ball every possession. Bright future for that young lady. Tall, long and a good ball handler that just moves smooth on the court. Look forward to following that young ladies career.

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