Article: Grove City Christian 54 Fairfield Christian Academy 7

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Article: Grove City Christian 54 Fairfield Christian Academy 7

Post by LICKING COUNTY FAN » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:34 pm

Last night due to weather I changed my night game, after changing my day game too.
As I made the drive to Millersport, Ohio from Parkersburg, West Virginia, I thought how strange it is going to be watching a game at a school, who dissolved their own football program just this year.

Fairfield Christian, who does not have a stadium of their own has almost always played their games at Millersport and their opponent Grove City Christian played their first varsity game against Millersport, at this stadium, so there is some history for both of those teams here.

As for the game, it was it was destined to be a running clock game from the start. Fairfield Christian came in with a 0-6 record losing by an average of 31 points a game, with the running clock rule here in, Ohio being just 30 points.
Now for a team who has struggled for a while now, the Knights always seem to give it their all, even when many young men would hang their heads and just go through the motions.
Grove City Christian limped in 2-4, with both wins coming against teams without any wins. At times they have been able to light up the scoreboard and they have been one close game in defeat, while staying within seventeen in another loss.

The scoring started with Jacob Stoneking hustling to the end zone and diving on a ball that was high and over the Knights punter’s head for a touchdown. The point after kick from Baily Garren was good, to make this a 7-0 game

Grove City Christian took a 13-0 lead, on a two yard run by Christian Lautenschleger.
Lautenschleger is a legit threat to score anytime he touched the ball.

This became a 20-0 game with a little over 5:00 left in the opening quarter, when #84 Garrett Baker(Not listed on the program, but he is the only guy on the field that was catching passes that was 6-5.

Still in the opening quarter Lautenschleger scored on a short run to make this a 26-0 game.
Many had known this one was long done, but we all stayed until there was a series of lighting delays that did not allow those of us who did stay to leave the stadium until after 11:00 PM.

Fairfield Christian got on the scoreboard with a little over ten minutes left in quarter number two, when David Forbes scored from three yards out. The point after kick made this a 26-7 game.

The rest of the scoring all came from the Eagles as they responded very well after allowing the Knights to get on the board.
Jayden Hanks caught a four yard pass, with the point after kick making this a 33-7 game, With a little over 7:00 left in the half.

This became a 40-7 games, after Ethan Metsker hauled in a 51 yard pass, with 10:34 left in the third quarter.
This was the first score after the first lighting delay, that took place, with 1:09 left in the first half.

The two final scores for the Eagles came from Brandon Rex and Baker, to make this a 54-7 game.
The action was called after the last point after attempt because the benches emptied, when two players got into a wrestling match.

Pics ... 660&type=3 ... hSMGtEMldB

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