Salt Fork Jr. Trnmt. results (7/5/16)

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Salt Fork Jr. Trnmt. results (7/5/16)

Post by ferflog » Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:41 pm

Salt Fork Junior Golf Tournament
Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Salt Fork State Park Golf Course; Cambridge, OH (Par 71)

Boys 17-18 Division (blue tees):
Jack Jones (Dover) 76
Taylor Gander (Meadowbrook) 82
Jordan Welch (Waterford) 83
Evan Archer (Buckeye Trail) 88
Cameron May (Meadowbrook) 90
Cole Cisco (Lancaster Fairfield Union) 96
Ryan Tuttle (Cambridge) 104
Dylan Kramer (Meadowbrook) 142

Girls 16-18 Division (red tees):
Kenzie Dietz (Waterford) 84
Chloe Crone (Dover) 93
Abby Eichmiller (Waterford) 109

Boys 15-16 Division (white tees):
Trey Singleton (Meadowbrook) 79
Liam Blake (Philo) 81
Jack Williams (John Glenn) 82
Tanner Hewison (Meadowbrook) 83
Clint Heavilin (Harrison Central) 88
Jacob Jeffries (St. Clairsville) 90
Wes Jenkins (Waterford) 92
Brendan Vucelich (St. Clairsville) 92
Derek Graham (John Glenn) 93
Tucker Rogers (Meadowbrook) 93
Jonah Hanes (John Glenn) 95
Andrew Ray (Cambridge) 95
Evan Seevers (Waterford) 115
Cameron McIntosh (Harrison Central) 119
Hunter Van Curen (Harrison Central) 120

Girls 13-15 Division (red tees):
Marie Stufflebean (River View) 99
Ashley Offenberger (Waterford) 108
Rylie Smith (Buckeye Trail) 108
Alicia Dickinson (Waterford) 122

Boys 13-14 Division (red tees):
Gabe Miller (Dover) 85
Payne Johnson (Barnesville) 85
Luke Krol (Martins Ferry) 87
A. J. Wilkin (Cambridge) 94
Brady Vincent (John Glenn) 95
Brady Graham (John Glenn) 105
Gavin Gress (River View) 108
Cale Bible (River View) 113
Joey Patrizi (St. Clairsville) 113
Nick Flowers (River View) 116
Sam Santille (Harrison Central) 122
Elias Householder (Buckeye Trail) 125
Alex Dennis (Meadowbrook) 132
Noah Castello (Buckeye Trail) 133
Aiden Cutlip (Meadowbrook) 141
Coen Bible (River View) 142

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